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Getting Grants From Your Council

By: Kelly Fenn - Updated: 29 Nov 2018 | comments*Discuss
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You can make your home more energy efficient in many different ways from smaller jobs like switching to energy saving light bulbs to bigger jobs such as double-glazing, an energy efficient boiler or insulation. These larger projects will save you more energy – and money - in the long run, but the outgoing costs in the short term can often put off even the most eco-conscious of homeowners. This is where getting a grant from your local council to help with the costs of the work can really assist – as well as adding pounds to your property’s value.

But obtaining a grant from your council isn’t easy, particularly when most people don’t know what’s actually available to them. Each area and council has different schemes available to their residents, so you should always check with your council directly. However we have come up with some basics to help you become more energy efficient in the home with energy efficiency and other grants.

Types of Grants

Most energy efficiency grants are actually provided by central government funds, but applications are made at a local level through your council. Firstly, you should decide on the type of project you’re interested in doing to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Generally speaking, the following projects could have funding available:
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation and draught proofing
  • Heating
  • Appliances
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Micro renewable energy sources
  • Radiator panels

Finding out what’s Available

The type of grant you apply for depends on the area you live in. Below are a few examples.

The Warm Front Grant provides a package of insulation and energy efficient heating measures up to a maximum value of £2,700. The grant is available to the over 60s in receipt of some form of income or other benefit, or homeowners with children under 16 in the house also in receipt of a state benefit.

The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme could make up to £5,000 available to transform your home into a greener, more eco-friendly property. The same rules apply as with England’s Warm Front grant.

Under the Warm Deal programme, homeowners receiving some form of income or housing benefit, or the over 60s, have £500 available from central funds to spend on insulation to keep their homes warmer and more energy efficient.

Northern Ireland
The Warm Homes grant provides a package of energy efficiency and heating measures up to the value of £850. Energy efficiency advice and guidance is tailored to each household. The scheme is aimed at owner-occupiers and people who rent their homes from private landlords.

Local Schemes
There are often local schemes available that give you a particular benefit – such as a rebate on your council tax in return for Installing Insulation in your home. If in doubt about what is available, contact your council’s local energy efficiency or sustainability department, or check local media for the latest offers, particularly as it draws closer to winter.

Energy Saving Trust
The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation, funded both by government and the private sector, set up to address climate change issues. For information and advice on energy efficiency issues, and to see if you’re eligible for any local grant schemes through them, you can call their helpline on 0800 512 012 to speak to a local advisor.

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I live in a private rented house and in the dining room...two bedrooms there are no radiators. Landlord says he won't do it. Is there any kind of help plz
El - 29-Nov-18 @ 9:51 PM
Hi is there a grant to get a gas fire put in I’m disabled when alone in the house a fire would allow me to keep one room warm I’m on limited benefits is there any grants for window and doors My door is very insecure thank you
Corina - 10-Nov-18 @ 4:42 AM
Are there any help to replace windows that are draughty and therefore the house is never warm. I am redg. disabled and recently have been told l have liver cancer. I live alone and am not able to work.
Moo - 26-Oct-18 @ 6:50 AM
I have moved to downsize to a one bedroom house....there is no heating in the house but I have 2 electric heaters, one in the living room and one in the bedroom....there was storage heating but the previous owner had removed it leaving no heating at all....I am 68years old and get pension credit.....Ineed help to get heating put back in before the winter ......I must get heating in soon....
Batbara - 8-Oct-18 @ 7:22 PM
I have oil fired heating (no gas in our area) with an oil tank. They won't deliver oil to me as they say I have a split in the top of the tank (barely visible) which leaves me with the option of buying a new tank and associated work involved which is absolutely impossible for us. We are 84 and 74 respectively and only have state pensions. We don't get guaranteed Pension Credit only savings pension credit because Chris has a tiny private pension. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
Son - 28-Sep-18 @ 8:08 PM
I live in a mobile home is there any goverment funding to replace windows .my 3yr old grandaughter has come to living with me now windows are rotton and its very draughty they also leak when raining.
Gilly - 30-Aug-18 @ 5:03 PM
Hi, I am disabled and desperate to get new windows fitted in my house, I can't afford to buy them,is there any grants or schemes I can get?Thanks Steve..
Steve - 15-Jul-18 @ 7:44 AM
Free grant doorwindowmy. House
Abdul - 13-Jul-18 @ 10:48 PM
I want free door and window grant
Abdul - 13-Jun-18 @ 3:14 PM
I want free door and window grant
Abdul - 31-May-18 @ 2:34 PM
I am a private tenant and landlord won’t replace old wood windows or boiler both about 25 years old is there any grants I can get to do it as I can afford to replace them myself. I live on my own and no kids and no benefits as I work full time.
Bob - 11-May-18 @ 10:22 PM
Hi I have 3 speacial needs adults and they suffer with asma al my windows need changing there loads draft coming through I have got no money to replace them they are about 15 years old my windows is any grants for windows I am home owner to
Zara - 1-Apr-18 @ 8:41 AM
Hi we need new Windows.They have been in since 1975. I'm on DLA as I've got terminal cancer and kidney failure plus Raynauds which is a disease in itself hard to get warm. We are homeowners.Is there help out there.
Gayle - 13-Mar-18 @ 12:28 PM
Hi I live in sheltered housing im fifthyfive and have ms I have been my council flat for over three years I have complained about the cold several times I have had damp and mould in my bedroomthe windows havent been replaced since 1995 council said keep radiators on vents open radiators are under windows hench heat goes outside
Car - 6-Mar-18 @ 11:25 PM
I live in Birmingham, I work full time, I’m not on any benefits and was looking for grants to make my home more energy efficient. I have just done all my windows they are now double glazier. I’m haveing a extension added to the side of the house as my daughter and her family have moved in with us so the extension has taken my extra cash. Any guidance would be great.
Crazybarb64 - 23-Feb-18 @ 10:30 PM
Good Work Keep it up...........................
wearezing - 22-Feb-18 @ 12:17 PM
my boiler is 7 years old and the radioaters are 45 years old
kevo - 20-Feb-18 @ 2:42 PM
Hi , can anyone give a good reason why the Welsh Government will happily pay for storage heaters to be fitted (£250 each + labour) but not double glazing (£250 each + labour) ? They will even rip out the heaters they put in five years ago and do it all again but they will leave the heat-losing windows alone. It is not energy efficient thinking , it's just that they have a nice deal with British Gas and the energy companies .
Oli - 13-Feb-18 @ 2:10 PM
I live in south Wales,newbridge,all the housing on my astait,have had new roofs windows everythingto modenise,I livexpect in end terracehouse have a morgage, got 2 kids, my roofs has no felt left in it, mouldy bedroom, mouldy windows,I have athsma and my son has, please help
Lizzy - 14-Jan-18 @ 9:09 PM
Does anyone know if I can get help to replace windows I’m on benefits not by choice but I a man unable to work at this time. I have plastic windows but all of the have pools of water inside the layers which dry up in the summer but have a green water mark I’m part of Blaby District but I’ve had no luck I have no spare money
Nat67 - 12-Jan-18 @ 3:36 PM
Hi my boiler is a vaillant combi that's eleven years old, can this be replaced under the eco/ green deal? Also can my radiators be replaced under the eco/green deal scheme? Thanks
Andy - 26-Dec-17 @ 7:58 PM
My mother in law is in hospital at the moment.Sent does not get any pension.credit. ..she is 83 in Dec.Is she eligible for a grant??.
Sandy - 22-Nov-17 @ 6:29 PM
Lin - Your Question:
Can I get help to get a new gas fire ours has been condemned we are on pension credit

Our Response:
You could try your local council as the above article says, they will know ofany locally available grants.
EnergySavingSecrets - 3-Nov-17 @ 11:23 AM
can i get help to get a new gas fire ours has been condemned we are on pension credit
Lin - 2-Nov-17 @ 2:15 PM
marie lang - Your Question:
Please can you get back to me I need some new radiators at least 4 and a small bathroom one.I'm a pensioner on pension credit.it's getting very cold now and I have to keep warm

Our Response:
We don't give grants here unfortunately. You should ask at your local council. They should be able to tell you what help is available for pensioners. You may be able to get additional help with your heating under the Warm Home Discount Scheme the The Cold Weather payment or the Winter Fuel Payment scheme
EnergySavingSecrets - 9-Oct-17 @ 1:01 PM
Please can you get back to me I need some new radiators at least 4 and a small bathroom one....I'm a pensioner on pension credit ...it's getting very cold now and I have to keep warm
marie lang - 8-Oct-17 @ 8:35 AM
Mill 7 - Your Question:
Hi I'm on esa support and pip. The cold weather really effects my disability, I was wondering if there is any grants available for new radiators Mine are so old and leaking. I am dreading this winter, I also have two children. Thank you

Our Response:
The Disabled Facilities Grant can cover the provision of suitable heating for your needs. You need to contact your local council to see whether you are eligible for this grant.
EnergySavingSecrets - 14-Sep-17 @ 2:17 PM
Hi I'm on esa support and pip. The cold weather really effects my disability, I was wondering if there is any grants available for new radiators Mine are so old and leaking. I am dreading this winter, I also have two children.Thank you
Mill 7 - 13-Sep-17 @ 10:43 AM
Looking for help with double glazing for my home as my windows are over 20 years old.
Derek Scott - 30-Aug-17 @ 9:28 PM
Hi. My husband and I and our 3 children have recently moved to a house in the Kirkintilloch area. We are homeowners and are looking to see if there are any grants available in the area for home improvements. The boiler is a very old Baxi boiler and to have hot water for dishes/showers etc we need to switch on an immerser switch. The existing boiler could well be the original boiler of the house, which was built in the 1930s. Also we have old sash windows which are single glazed. With the winter fast approaching we were wondering if we would be entitled to any grants to help in any way.
Angie - 22-Aug-17 @ 3:18 PM
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