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Getting Grants From Your Council

By: Kelly Fenn - Updated: 5 Jul 2020 | comments*Discuss
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You can make your home more energy efficient in many different ways from smaller jobs like switching to energy saving light bulbs to bigger jobs such as double-glazing, an energy efficient boiler or insulation. These larger projects will save you more energy – and money - in the long run, but the outgoing costs in the short term can often put off even the most eco-conscious of homeowners. This is where getting a grant from your local council to help with the costs of the work can really assist – as well as adding pounds to your property’s value.

But obtaining a grant from your council isn’t easy, particularly when most people don’t know what’s actually available to them. Each area and council has different schemes available to their residents, so you should always check with your council directly. However we have come up with some basics to help you become more energy efficient in the home with energy efficiency and other grants.

Types of Grants

Most energy efficiency grants are actually provided by central government funds, but applications are made at a local level through your council. Firstly, you should decide on the type of project you’re interested in doing to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Generally speaking, the following projects could have funding available:
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation and draught proofing
  • Heating
  • Appliances
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Micro renewable energy sources
  • Radiator panels

Finding out what’s Available

The type of grant you apply for depends on the area you live in. Below are a few examples.

The Warm Front Grant provides a package of insulation and energy efficient heating measures up to a maximum value of £2,700. The grant is available to the over 60s in receipt of some form of income or other benefit, or homeowners with children under 16 in the house also in receipt of a state benefit.

The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme could make up to £5,000 available to transform your home into a greener, more eco-friendly property. The same rules apply as with England’s Warm Front grant.

Under the Warm Deal programme, homeowners receiving some form of income or housing benefit, or the over 60s, have £500 available from central funds to spend on insulation to keep their homes warmer and more energy efficient.

Northern Ireland
The Warm Homes grant provides a package of energy efficiency and heating measures up to the value of £850. Energy efficiency advice and guidance is tailored to each household. The scheme is aimed at owner-occupiers and people who rent their homes from private landlords.

Local Schemes
There are often local schemes available that give you a particular benefit – such as a rebate on your council tax in return for Installing Insulation in your home. If in doubt about what is available, contact your council’s local energy efficiency or sustainability department, or check local media for the latest offers, particularly as it draws closer to winter.

Energy Saving Trust
The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation, funded both by government and the private sector, set up to address climate change issues. For information and advice on energy efficiency issues, and to see if you’re eligible for any local grant schemes through them, you can call their helpline on 0800 512 012 to speak to a local advisor.

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Hi I'm on esa and, pip. Is there any help, to be considered for a replacement back door it's wooden amd at bottom has wore, a relative has patched it for time being, but the gap it still blows in when cold and wet. On low income. I wouldt beable to afford a door. I have double glazing which have been in years and are quite worn my main concern is back door kind regards
Jay - 5-Jul-20 @ 3:37 PM
i need free money grant please1000 door and window
Abdul - 1-Jul-20 @ 9:01 PM
i need money for doors and window grant. free plz contact me 5000
Abdul - 1-Jul-20 @ 5:43 PM
hi i live in a flat is there any chance I cant get a upvc door fitted as I have disabilityand in esa and pip thanks
leeanne - 30-Jun-20 @ 1:27 AM
Are there grants available to update windows & doors with vents to help with condensation please? I am a single mum with two young children in receipt of universal credit. Many thanks.
Clara - 25-Jun-20 @ 12:39 PM
Hi, I am in receipt of full dwp benefits and registered disabled. Can I get a grant for a more energy efficient conservatory roof.
Lubylou - 19-Jun-20 @ 4:55 PM
I have a old wooden conservatory that is only single glazed and in a bad condition,I disabled I get pip ,is there any grants that could help me
Lindyloo - 15-Jun-20 @ 2:34 PM
Hi my daughter is disabled,was wondering if I could get a grant for double glaze windows and doors,also most the radiatorsare rusty and leaking
Charlie - 10-Jun-20 @ 3:55 PM
I am a pensioner with old metal framed Windows, Can I get help in replacing them.
Marg - 23-May-20 @ 8:15 AM
Hi I was wondering if there is a grant to help me with a new roof and doors?
Skull - 18-May-20 @ 6:36 PM
I really need help to buy new windows and doors. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Soph - 17-May-20 @ 8:12 PM
Hi I’m a tenant of a flat , I claim esa . The flat door is a old wooden with gaps round the side that lets in the draft and noise. Would I able to get a grant for a door of my choosing?
Dan - 12-May-20 @ 1:52 PM
I need a new front door and windows replaced is there any help towards the cost please
Judurr - 29-Apr-20 @ 12:51 PM
Please could you tell me if I could get a grant for new windows, I get pip and live with my daughter,the windows are twenty years old and it cold in winter
Rosie - 28-Mar-20 @ 4:51 PM
Hi My flat has old single glazing and the seals are cracked and broken. I live on a busy main road and the noise as well as the draught is terrible. I’m in receipt of PIP and I am over 60. Are there any grants to help me replace my windows and front door?
John LD - 22-Mar-20 @ 7:26 PM
Hi, I am over 60 and in receipt of PIP. My home has single glazing and the seals are broken. I live on a main road and the noise andfraught is terrible. Are their any grants to help me replace my windows and door.
John LD - 22-Mar-20 @ 7:23 PM
Hi can someone please help me with this window grant call me on this number 07591016349
T - 12-Mar-20 @ 10:20 AM
Hi ,my husband and I are on low income,can ew get grant or help with doors and windows there is wooden double glazing in since 1999 the draughts are terrible and some rotting and the condensation on them in the morning is so bad thanks
Skin - 2-Mar-20 @ 10:25 AM
Hi I own my own home and I'm currently in receipt of universal credit and have applied for PIP on mental health grounds. I have old double glazing and old front door which does not effectively keep out drafts. Can I get new windows and door for free from any of the schemes available ?
Jamie - 1-Mar-20 @ 8:37 AM
Hi am on esa and pip is there any free windows insulation as am a home owner. I don't work and the windows are like over 20years old getting drafts in hard to keep house warm.
Sarjeet - 25-Feb-20 @ 11:00 AM
Hello there, I’m in receipt of Employment Support Allowance, and I’m applying for PIP. I have my own home, but the seals are broken on my double glazed windows, and it’s causing condensation and damp, including black mould. This is affecting my breathing at night because I cannot afford to keep the heating on all the time. I also have very thin walls covered in plasterboard. I feel I have no privacy in my home, feeling uncomfortable to invite friends and family over because I’m paranoid my neighbours are listening to our conversations. I suffer from clinical depression and social anxiety. Are there any housing grants for replacement double glazed windows and sound proofing? Thank you.
Namaste - 24-Feb-20 @ 2:54 PM
Hello I am in receipt of universal credit and pip I am desperate to have my loft insulated as nothing up there well a little bit of stuff that's probably been in there since was built 2930's The house had tiled roof but all leaves dust blow through roof it's horrible up there apparently .. Also I have 3 trees in the garden 2 of which are 80ft high and very near to my house ( when it's really windy I stay awake as I'm scared for my life , half of one fir tree has fallen down into the garden during storm Dennis this tree is the smallest of the 3 , I'm so scared the other two trees could cause bad damage or even death Please can someone help me Many thanks Nicky
Nicky - 21-Feb-20 @ 12:07 PM
Hi. I work part time and on Universal Credit. I need to replace my double glazed windows.Is there any chance to get help.
Bev - 20-Feb-20 @ 12:32 PM
Hi could anyone tell me about grants for my Windows please
Winst - 18-Feb-20 @ 8:49 PM
I am unemployed on universal credit have no savings and have 2 dependent children.I need to replace my two doors and windows draft comes through them.Also there is dampness around them as constant condensation.Is there any free options available.I am a single parent.
Sofi - 17-Feb-20 @ 4:07 AM
Could you contact me regarding options of replacing windows please
Mjd - 11-Feb-20 @ 8:22 AM
Please can you advise me if there are any free grants offered to low income household for draft proofing loft insulation and cavity wall? My house never seems warm even with the heating on all day I can feel drafts around the windows which are double glazed I notice I can now hear everything in the street. Does double glazing lose sound proofing or could the windows come loose in the wind? As I never use to hear the traffic or people talking in the street now I hear everything and feel draft.
Spud - 29-Jan-20 @ 6:53 PM
I am a home owner and a single mother of one, i work but i am on a low wage and i own my own house, my windows are currently wooden and are rotting, and the draughts are just terrible, i have no savings and struggling to raise the mo ey to get them done, is there anything i could be entitled to?
Lizzie - 26-Jan-20 @ 10:19 PM
Hi i have retired and my husband die 2 years ago i live on my own and have no savings i have a pension but nothing that can afford to replace the windows, can i get any free windows fitted on the just the front bedroom and living room the nights are getting cold and heating the house is getting more and more expensive, please any help
Phillis - 11-Jan-20 @ 8:30 PM
I am in receipt of pip , is there a grant available to help me replace very old windows and doors
Paula - 4-Jan-20 @ 8:07 PM
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